All the vehicles of Autocars Viñolas fulfill rigorously both national and European rules and pass periodically the obligatory service to guarantee the maximum safety for travellers.

  • Seat Belts

    All the vehicles of Autocars Viñolas have individual seat belts for each seat.

  • Emergency hammers

    Toute la flotte d'Autocars Viñolas est équipée de fenêtres signalant les « issues de secours ». Un marteau de secours est situé près de chacune de ces fenêtres pour briser la vitre en cas d'urgence.

  • First-aid kit

    It is well identified and has all the necessary first aids material.

  • Smoking is forbidden

    To guarantee the maximum well being and maximum safety, smoking inside the vehicles is totally forbidden.

  • Fire extinguisher

    All the buses have at least a fire extinguisher correctly checked to be able to act in case of need.

  • Safety doors opening

    When the vehicle is stopped, it is possible to use the safety doors opening device.